A Message from our Central NY Region Representative: Willis Knighton

My name is Willis Knighton, I am a Professional Bond agent with CuseTown Bail Bonds of Syracuse, NY. I have been in business for close to nine years. We cover the CNY area of Syracuse NY, and the surrounding Counties.

The good thing about our area is that mainly the Bond Agents here have respect for their fellow Agents. The thing that is of concern to all our Agents here, is the difference of how our Bonds are handled between Towns, Cities and Counties. In the small towns you have part-time Judges that have court, once a week or twice a month. They are very hard to contact after arraignment has been held to attempt to post a bond. Thereafter, some County Court Judges for those areas won’t sign those bonds until they receive the paperwork for the defendants, which could be 2-3 days later. Even the differences between City and County Courts is astounding.

It would be a great accomplishment if the Town Courts held seminars for every reelection concerning Bail Bonds and also contact info for those incoming  Judges would be emailed.   

Willis Knighton
(315) 451-2663

New York State Bail Bondsman Association