New York State Bail Bondsman Association


We are American voters who are committed to stopping Child Molestors, Domestic Violence Perpetrators and other suspects of misdemeanor crimes from automatically being set free on their own recognizance without surety bail.

Across America, organizations are duping citizens into believing that Bail Reform will save them tax dollars by automatically allowing non-violent criminal offenders free on their own recognizance. States like New Jersey, that eliminated bail, are now finding out that it was a bad idea because it allowed CHILD SEX OFFENDER Christopher Wilson  to be SET FREE to enjoy his life while his innocent little VICTIM HIDES IN FEAR. [read more here]. Worse yet, most of the offenders that have been set free are not returning to stand trial.

A 2015 New York City Criminal Justice report showed that 84,000 criminal suspects who were set free on their own recognizance NEVER RETURNED TO STAND TRIAL.

In New York State the top misdemeanor crimes are related to drug dealing, sexual abuse and domestic violence.  Other misdemeanors include: Assault, Sexual Abuse, Endangering the Welfare of a Child, Endangering the welfare of the physically or mentally disabled, Menacing, Reckless endangerment, Stalking, Strangling, Forcible touching, Unlawful imprisonment, Arson, Killing or injuring a police or service animal and Aggravated harassment.

On January 24, 2017 Senator Michael Gianaris of Queens introduced S.B. 3579 – we call it the “No Bail No Jail” bill because, if it passes, suspects won’t have to post collateral to be set free – which means CRIMINAL SUSPECTS HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO INCENTIVE TO RETURN TO COURT TO STAND TRIAL.

Don't let New York citizens suffer the same fate as unsuspecting New Jersey citizens.  Sign the petition. Don't give suspected criminals a "Get Out of Jail Free" card.