As Michelle Esquenazi, the Bail Bond Queen, so eloquently put it, “when you are little you are taught right from wrong, and if you do wrong you will go to jail. By them taking away bail bonds, basically you’re rewarding people for crime. It’s going to be a revolving system.”

By donating to the New York State Bail Bondsman Association, you are aiding in our efforts to keep bail bonds in NYS. You are protecting YOUR tax dollars from being spent on rewarding crime. We are committed to stopping Child Molestors, Domestic Violence Perpetrators, and a slew of other suspects of misdemeanor crimes from automatically being allowed to walk the streets without proper monitoring by skilled bondsman.

States like New Jersey, that eliminated bail, are now discovering that it was a poor choice because it allowed CHILD SEX OFFENDERS, like Christopher Wilson, to be SET FREE to enjoy his life while his innocent little VICTIM HIDES IN FEAR. Worse yet, most of the offenders that have been set free are not returning to stand trial. A 2015 New York City Criminal Justice report showed that 84,000 criminal suspects who were set free on their own recognizance NEVER RETURNED TO STAND TRIAL.

Organizations are duping you into believing that Bail Reform will save you tax dollars by automatically allowing these offenders to be released on their own recognizance. Where do you believe that they will be getting the money in order to track down these people and force them to stand trial and face their accusations? Currently, that money comes from the small number of bail agencies scattered across the state.


If this Bill comes to pass, that money will come directly from YOUR tax dollars.If any of the facts stated above anger you or rub you the wrong way, please contact your senator and tell him to oppose this ill-informed Bill and donate to our cause. 


The money you donate will be going directly to the New York State Bail Bondsman Association. Representatives from this non-profit 501 (C) 6 organization, such as our President Michelle Esquenazi, will be going to Albany, talking with your legislators and presenting Bills that will save bail, rather than destroy it.


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